Designing a Successful Introduction to the Major Course

Imagine first-year and sophomore students interviewing faculty members associated with their major, discussing possible research projects and sharing common passions. Picture these students attending student organizational meetings, learning about services

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Proactive Advising: A Case Study

The Student Success Center (SSC) on my campus was a peculiar collection of resources. There was the campus testing center, where students took various standardized exams, and next to that

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Increasing Online Support for Mental Wellness

According to survey research conducted from May to July 2020, about one-third of students screened were found to have depression or anxiety or both at higher rates than seen in

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Declining Futures? A View from the Ground Up

During the upheaval and crisis caused by COVID-19, many institutions have been forced to fundamentally change their approach to education. Many long-standing colleges and universities are sounding the alarm, recognizing

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