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Submission Guidelines

Academic Leader helps academic deans, department chairs, program directors, and other decision-makers provide effective leadership within their colleges or departments. As such, we’re always looking for concise and insightful articles from experienced professionals on the ever-evolving role of academic administration.

Topics may include program assessment, accreditation, faculty support, faculty development, conflict management, budgets and finance, personnel issues, leadership styles, communication, strategic planning, leadership development, curriculum, student support, legal issues, and institutional culture.

Submission tips:

  • Write directly to the audience, remembering that this is an online publication read by your peers. The tone should be conversational yet professional, scholarly, and free of disciplinary jargon.
  • Keep the article short—generally between 800 and 1,600 words (excluding references). Please reference only key sources. Comprehensive literature reviews are not necessary. Focus on sources that interested readers might want to review. Provide links when applicable.
  • Provide practical, actionable advice to help academic leaders do their jobs more effectively. Case studies and first-person accounts are welcome, but we prefer articles with a “what you can do” bent.

Articles should not have been registered for copyright or published elsewhere (either on paper or electronically) prior to publication in Academic Leader.

Finally, don’t rule out writing for Academic Leader if you aren’t a well-known or widely published author. Many submissions come from first-time authors. Don’t downplay the relevance and usefulness of strategies and approaches that you’ve developed and that would be of interest to others with similar leadership responsibilities. Academic Leader prides itself on being a place where administrators can learn from and with each other.

Once you’ve written your article, please send it as a Word doc to Jon Crylen. Please include a brief bio (up to 50 words) with your submission. The review process takes about four weeks.