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Why and How We Should Choose Civility in Academic Workplaces

Institutional Culture

Why and How We Should Choose Civility in Academic Workplaces

A positive and productive departmental climate can often seem like love. We might admire it from afar and wish we had that luck, although we can learn to cope by developing a hobby, lowering our expectations, or cultivating other relationships. We might blame our current unhappiness on our own mates in life or work and daydream about leaving, yet we rarely consider other strategies that are legitimately within our capacity and job description. Whatever can be said about romantic relationships and the possibility of increasing our success at them might best be left to other forms of literature. An atmosphere that is professional, affirming, and supportive, however, is something I am ready to argue that we should and can work at developing. Recent research from across the disciplines provides some insight into why we should bother and how we can go about improving the climate in our academic workplaces.

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