Petty Principles: Leading in the Midst of a Crisis

We have all heard the cliché that just as the sun shines, it will surely rain. I am even guilty of saying there are no two days alike in my world as each day brings a unique experience or challenge to be resolved. I believe I speak for all higher education administrators in saying that while we have had some difficult days, none compare to those we have recently faced as relates to the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing our campuses to be responsive. Sadly, this is not the first time some of us have had to ready our campuses for emergencies. As I reflect, it was only three years ago—while I was serving as the vice president of academic affairs at Albany Technical College in Albany, Georgia—that the community was hit by two massive tornadoes within the span of 10 days. This devastating event entailed the destruction of homes, damaged the technological infrastructure of the campus, and resulted in many fatalities.

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